As you all know, we love a basket or two! But what we love even more is a fair trade basket that supports women and their families. So.......we have teamed up with an amazing distributor that supports over 400 women in remote regions throughout Kenya.

These beautiful women produce the highest of quality baskets that take an enormous amount of time and skill. Each basket comes with the name of the maker so you know who you have supported. 

The rural villages where these are made are plagued by low rainfall and see many harvests fail. Over the years, selling the baskets has become an important income, generating activity that empowers the women in these communities.

Making baskets is a very labour intensive art. All these ladies weave baskets with their self-twined and self-dyed sisal string, using both natural dyes and commercial dyes. The sisal grows in the fields belonging to these women. 

We are so very honoured to be able to stock these amazing pieces in our store.

The hardest part is choosing a favourite xx 

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