UNESCO listed as the “oldest pottery production in the world”

The women of Kalporegan (in Sistan and Baluchistan province in Iran) have been producing pottery for their own use for over 7,000 years.

Made via original method of sourcing the clay from the surrounding desert and brushes and dye from the local plants and rocks, this craft has been handed down from generation to generation. Women traditionally begin to learn their craft of pottery from around six years old.

No pottery wheels are used, each piece is still all made by hand as it would have been 7000 years ago.

Sourced by our beautiful friend Missy from Dyad Artisans. She travels regularly to the Middle East finding original products from within Iran and the Middle East. 

This ancient craft has gone unchanged for over 7,000 years and we are honoured to be bringing it to our store. 

Prices range from $45-$220 making it affordable to own or gift.

We love selling pieces like this that we know will make a huge impact towards keeping this ancient tradition and skill alive for generations to come xx 

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