Puzzle pandemic

Ok so the world has been turned upside down and never before has anything like this happened and hopefully it never will again! While some of us are frantically buying toilet paper and canned goods others (I like to think the more sane people) are buying puzzles! Now the humble puzzle has been around since the 1700’s so they must be good to still be around today. And we love them!! They are calming (unless you lose a piece) educational, comforting and most of all they are fun and rewarding, to put that last piece in and sit back and admire your hard work. They bring the family together for quiet time, conversation time and device free time! So for all these reasons I think they are a must for these unsettling times.

We are lucky enough to have incredible suppliers of puzzles that we have dealt with for over 10 years. Their puzzles are high quality with incredible images (no boring landscapes or sunsets) they are beautifully packaged and bound to supply endless hours of relax time. So jump online and check them out. Buy one for your family or for your elderly friend that is in isolation alone. I promise it will put a smile on their dial. And if you’re a puzzle loving family like ours.... try a puzzle swap, all buy a different puzzle and swap when your done! That’s  bound to get you through the weeks, possibly months of these iso times.

Stay safe, wash your hands and try not to strangle your kids that are giving you the shits already and we haven’t even hit lock down yet xx


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