Located Northwest of the Snowy Mountains. The Tumut Broom Factory opened in 1946. Six types of brooms are manufactured at the Tumut Broom Factory, each requiring different quantities of millet.
Broom Millet was grown by around 120 families in the Tumut area from the 1920’s onwards. These families produced 75% of Australia’s millet, with approximately 1200 tonnes of millet harvested when millet growing was at its peak.

Now millet is grown on only 3 farms in the area, producing around 8 tonnes each season.
Originally there were 14 broom factories located all around Australia. Today the Tumut Broom Factory is the last millet broom factory left in the country.

These brooms are built to last, made with high grade Australian millet and Tasmanian oak handles. 

Cliff Wortes began the Tumut Broom Factory in 1978

Cliff’s son Geoff worked on and off at the factory when he was young and returned in the late 80’s.

The business continues to be a family business today, with Geoff’s son Andrew joining the business in 2020 and running it since 2022.