Creepiest Crawly Critters

Creepiest Crawly Critters

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Get ready to get up close and personal with the creepiest crawly critters with real-life explorer and scientist, Professor Tim Flannery.
You may think you know all that's around you, but look closer and dig deeper – you'll discover a cast of the scariest (but very cool!) background characters in your life.
Why would a millipede glow in the dark?
How much is a litre of scorpion venom worth?
Why would a male redback sacrifice himself?
How many mites live on your body?
Which creepy crawly lives on the moon?

It's time to face your fears – you're about to find out!

Product Features:

  • Tim and Emma, both scientists, make an incredible father-daughter team!
  • The facts in this book will surprise and delight parents and children alike.
  • The perfect book for kids who love nature.