Puzzle 48 piece - Wildlife Wonders

Puzzle 48 piece - Wildlife Wonders

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 Charley Harper's wonders of the wild are featured here in this new addition to our line of giant floor puzzles. Pre-schoolers will delight in putting together this colorful and educational puzzle with 48 pieces, each approximately 5″×5″ in size.

Charley's crisp and architectural drawings simplify shapes down to their most basic and graphic forms. Young children's imaginations will be sparked by the simplicity and elegance of the puzzle's design. This lovely and well-crafted toy encourages fine motor skills and early cognitive development for children ages three and up.

Thoughtfully conceived and engagingly intricate, these interlocking jigsaw puzzles combine superb color reproduction, stunning and unusual images, and sturdy construction to delight generations of novice and veteran puzzleworkers.