Vintage Boujaad Rug #172

Vintage Boujaad Rug #172

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Direct from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco these one-of-a-kind hand loomed rugs are made with 100% wool and are aged at 75+ years old.  

Vintage Boujaad rug hand made in the Middle Atlas Mountains of Morocco.

This work of art made from naturally tinted soft wool. 
The Boujaad tribe is native to the Mountains of the Middle Atlas and traditionally made these carpets to protect them from the cold when temperatures were at their lowest.
Berber carpets were not made for production, but as functional parts that could be used for many years and passed down from generation to generation.
All the beautiful colours and patterns used have a meaning behind them and they are a personal expression that tell the story of who made it.

SIZE - 70cm x 300cm